The Krzysztof Pendercki European Center for Music The aim of the European Krzysztof Penderecki Center for Music is to encourage the most talented young musicians from all over the world to develop their abilities so as to come to full artistic maturity. The Center will become a meeting place for gifted musicians and for professors – leading specialists in the arts of performance, compositions and the broadly conceived humanities. Entering into relations of the ‘master-and-disciple’ type, the Center’s guests will keep alive the spiritual values of the Central European tradition. Owing to valuable contacts and exchange of experiences, the young artists will acquire an in-depth knowledge of musical styles, the structure and meaning of a musical work. Familiarity with the philosophical, religious and social foundations of music will strengthen the young adepts’ motivation to increase and practise their performance skills, always subordinating the technique to the primacy of imagination. The principal aim of the European Krzysztof Penderecki Center for Music is to develop in young performers the ability to interpret solo, chamber and orchestral music. Internationale Beethovengesellschaft e.V. The International Beethoven Society (IBG e.V.) was founded in  the summer of 2005. Its main goal is to create a greater  awareness for Beethoven’s music, by pursuing research of both,  his biography as well as the performance of his music.  Beethoven’s works have been examined and performed in  cooperation with German, Polish and Czech musicians and  musicologists in Grätz (Czech Republic) and Oberglogau  (Poland). These have contributed to the cultural exchange among  these countries and have also contributed to the unity of Europe.  The International Beethoven Society (IBG e.V.) has successfully  launched the Beethoven Academy in cooperation with the  University of the Arts Berlin (UdK) in 2008. The main goal of the  academy is to bring together professors and students from all  over the world to prepare orchestral and chamber music works by  Beethoven during the course of the Beethoven Academy.  Participation was diversified in order to include musicians from all  over the world, whose outstanding abilities have enriched the  successof the Beethoven Academy. In addition to the Beethoven Academy the International  Beethoven Society (IBG e.V.) also awards several prizes for  young musicians. Among these are the “Prof. Cadenbach Prize”  at the Oldenburg Music Competition and the “Beethoven Prize” for  an outstanding interpretation of a composition by Beethoven in  cooperation with the state level Jugend Musiziert competition in  Berlin.  European Forum for Polish Music  The association has been established in July 2013 in Berlin. Among the founding members were notable personalities form the world of arts, music and science from Berlin, Paris, London, Zurich, Cracow and Warsaw. In accordance with the member's wishes, it is the Forum's core purpose to promote Polish music, especially contemporary Polish music, abroad, in order to establish its permanent presence on the cultural circuit in Europe. That way, Polish music, with its heterogeneity, quality and riches could claim its rightful spot within European culture. The forum will also promote Polish artists. The Ludwig van Beethoven Association The Ludwig van Beethoven Association was founded on 24 September 2003 in Cracow. The primal activity of the Association is to organize Ludwig van Beethoven Easter Festival and to promote classical music. The Association cooperates with Polish, foreign and international organizations and institutions of the same or similar type and can be a member of these organizations based on the principle of full autonomy.